Sarabjeet Garcha grew up in the scenic, riverside neighbourhood of Panchvati in Nasik, a temple city in the southwestern Indian state of Maharashtra. An electronics engineer by education, Sarabjeet has from his teens been irredeemably influenced by the spiritually, mystically, and literarily inclined. He writes in English and Hindi and translates either way from Hindi and English, as well as from Marathi and Punjabi into English and Hindi. His first book of poems, The Half-Moon Halo, was published in 2004. Sarabjeet’s first book of Hindi verse, Vaani Phir Bhi Shoonyamanaa ( वाणी फिर भी शून्यमना ) (Even Then Voice Is Tranquil Hearted), was published in late 2011.
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The Half-Moon Halo

A collection of poems ranging from the delicate and the simple to the sparse and the rambling, this book is a spirited outpouring rich in image and emotion

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Lullaby of the Ever-Returning

“A splendid book” (Ranjit Hoskote) that is “a celebration of self, explored in its various nuances through a poetic language that is striking and intriguing” (Huzaifa Pandit, Indian Literature), this book “includes some clever ideas rendered through simple turns of phrase” (Vilasini Roy, TimeOut Mumbai)

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वाणी फिर भी शून्यमना

भारतीय दर्शन और शास्वत अध्यात्म के अनूठे संगम को संजोती कविताएं जिन्हें पाठकों का भरपूर प्रेम मिला

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Sri Lankan newspaper Ceylon Today features a two-page interview on Sarabjeet's art, inspiration and poetry - May 2014

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, awards Sarabjeet a two-year fellowship in Hindi literature - November 2013

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copper coinI loved your poem. One can surely understand the emotions. Keep up the good work. Can I join your fanclub?copper coin

Sonal Chandratre, Doctor, United States

copper coinBitter sweet, cruel, empathetic, funny, sad, waxing and waning - all at the same time. Your stories are beginning to have a lot more of the physical element in them these days than before. Your poems often had it. Now the Sarab signature from the poems has slowly made its way into the prose.copper coin

Meera Menon, Freelance Editor and Writer, Kolkata
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