copper coinWe were thrilled by the visuals in your poetry.copper coin

copper coinSarabjeet - Your essay is excellent. It?s exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much.copper coin

copper coin[Your poem "Lullaby of the Ever-Returning"] is so beautiful ... I'm going to print and frame it to hang in my study back home in the U.S.copper coin

Sue Quigley, Journalist, United States

copper coinI loved your poem. One can surely understand the emotions. Keep up the good work. Can I join your fanclub?copper coin

Sonal Chandratre, Doctor, United States

copper coinBitter sweet, cruel, empathetic, funny, sad, waxing and waning - all at the same time. Your stories are beginning to have a lot more of the physical element in them these days than before. Your poems often had it. Now the Sarab signature from the poems has slowly made its way into the prose.copper coin

Meera Menon, Freelance Editor and Writer, Kolkata

copper coinI read ?The Name of a River?. It?s very touching. Keep writing.copper coin

Pallabi Roy, Copy Editor, New Delhi

copper coinI don?t believe you wrote such a hi-fundu poem: ?raat ho gayi praat?. Rishi forwarded it to me and after reading it slowly and carefully I was shocked. The poem had a deep thought, philosophy, and it was really very hi-fundu. Good one!copper coin

Minal Atul Naik, Chartered Accountant, Ahmedabad

copper coinYour writing is linguistically vivid. copper coin

Philip Nikolayev

copper coinYou write with commitment. These poems reflect your deep literary and philosophical sensibilities beautifully blended with each other. copper coin

Prof. Rajnish Mishra, Jawaharlal Nehru University

copper coin"[Lullaby of the Ever-Returning is] produced so elegantly. Just to hold it in hands and flip the pages is a joy. You speak through every page.copper coin

Navtej Bharati

copper coin"Your interview in Ceylon Today . . . gives me a chance to peak into your rich sources of inspiration and art. Several of the Sikh Gurus were indeed true poets and a blessing for their followers. ?The Name of a River? is a very beautiful piece.copper coin